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Oh, so you’re a thirtysomething white guy with a goatee and a tight shirt, you drive a brightly colored Camaro that makes more noise than it should, AND you’re slinging meth?  What an ORIGINAL FUCKING DUDE.



"Why Art Is Always Emotional" by Wayne Koestenbaum

s c r e a m i n g

"they can feeeeeel it aaaall ooooooveeeer/they can feeel it aaall oooooooveeeeer peeeeoplee"


the vine demand C  H  I  L  D


the vine demand C  H  I  L  D

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I’m not sure if the phrase “aggressively meaningless” came up much before you could Like people’s weddings on Facebook.

Why aren’t you anything?

Buttcracks feel weird.  Like, run your fingers over your own buttcrack.  Weird, right?  Let alone anyone else’s.  No, literally, let other people’s buttcracks alone, unless you were invited to the butt party.  The Butt Party, on whose platform I will run for the office of Extinct Alderman.  I may be pre-drinking.

As tends to happen when I’m packing to move, I got bogged down in precious memories and found, among others, a sheet of that weird vertically-lined writing paper from elementary school that says this:

A Magic flower

A golden flag

A old wise elk

A vampire horse

no reward

kill horse